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This is a web site for the GTV Friends Club, an owner's club of Alfa Romeo GTVs in Japan.

Through my private web site "DolceVita" which began on August 8, 1996, I have come to know of other GTV owners. As we exhanged emails, I realized some of us had similar experiences and problems with the car.

So to exchange information with others, GTV Friends Club was born on February 12, 1997.

Though it is an owner's club, there are no activities to write home about. The backbone of the club is the exchanging of information through a mailing list. As such, there are no rules or fees associated in joining the club but you need to be a GTV owner with regular access to email.

I am sorry to say but as many members speak Japanese only, the membership is limited to Japanese nationals.

However, please use the guestbook as a place to exchange information even if Japanese is not your primary language.

contact info : kinukai@ppp.fastnet.ne.jp